Whole eggs, not egg whites. While egg whites are protein-rich, they lack all the amazing nutrition that is found in the yolk.

Whole eggs are one of the most nutritionally dense and balanced foods you can eat. Why wouldn’t they be? I hope this doesn’t sound off-putting, but it’s reality. When you eat an egg, you are consuming an entire entity and not just the meat of an animal. This makes an egg a very well-rounded food source, and a perfect addition to a muscle building diet.

Eggs are also economical, and contain a good mix of proteins and fats. At about 70 calories and 7 grams of protein per egg, you can add in a lot of protein and quality nutrition without adding in a ton of calories.

You need more than protein to build muscle. Don’t skip the yolks.

  • You can add eggs to your diet in several ways. You can eat them boiled, diced into a salad, or you can make a healthy omelet for breakfast filled with your veggies of choice.
  • Annoyed when trying to remove the shells from hard-boiled eggs? Try placing them into an ice bath for 15 minutes after cooking.
  • Make egg “protein cupcakes” by placing diced ham (or any meat of choice), cheese and an egg into a greased cupcake baking pan. Bake until the egg is cooked. Cool, top with hot sauce and enjoy! This little cupcakes are very portable and easy to make. Try keeping 8-12 in your fridge at all times. They are nice to have in a pinch when you need a fast protein meal.
  • Try making a hash in the skillet. Sauté cubed meat (beef, chicken, etc) and potatoes in butter or olive oil. When cooked, crack in a few eggs and stir well until the eggs finish cooking. Top with cheese and Greek yogurt (optional). This hash can also be placed into Tupperware containers and used for your weekly lunches.
  • If you dislike bland boiled eggs, try pickled eggs. Boil eggs, cool and place in an empty pickle jar. Fill with equal parts water and cider vinegar. Add in seasonings, such as diced jalapeno peppers, minced garlic, sliced onion, mustard seeds, etc.


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