24th August 2014:

The road to the Finals….

So as I look back this year I realise this is actually my 20th year competing!! That’s over 40 competitions along the way, including , one broken back, 2 herniated discs, one torn bicep, 2 broken arms & a partridge in a pear tree…and still going strong!

Neale Cranwell

Plated, pinned, punctured and pulled about and this body & mind is as ever determined to prove to myself progress after all and any setbacks.

This year was a 5 month lay off from training upper body from January & tbh was unsure whether prepping for the ukbff finals would be achievable., but the mind is strong and where it goes the body follows so am glad to announce I will be competing at the finals as a heavyweight.

The prep has had different approach this year & I am going to be documenting this, my new HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training) – as showing on THE ACTIVE CHANNEL SKY 449, along with new dieting , cardio and supplement protocols that so far have been amazing.

With the ongoing support of & this year I have had the best range of supplements in my arsenal and am a keen believer in leucine dominant amino acids, digestive aids, EFAs, alkalising greens and of course Vitargo..


So how & what supplements do I use exactly…? I’m old skool and love fasted cardio..

So on waking a take a pint of water with mother apple cider vinegar..Wash down 8 Anabolic Design Synthacharge and black coffee then 30 min power walk or stationary bike.

Prior to breakfast, a glass of Udo choice beyond greens with Udo super 8 acidophilus, AD Matador and Ravenous

Then ready my 1st meal, with AD Invincible

Off to gym to train!! On route I take Genr8 Extreme pre workout with Vitargo

Intra training I use 60g Genr8 Vitargo, 20g NXT Nutrition BCAA

Post training I use LA Muscle whey with 60g Genr8 Vitargo, 10g NXT Nutrition creatine & glutamine Along with AD Matador & 8 AD Synthacharge.

Then it’s meal 2&3 of white meat and carbs All meat meals contain AD Ravenous and carb meals contain AD Matador

I then have a high fat meal of oily fish and greens with 2 tbs Udo oil

My evening meal is always steak & chips!!! Cooked in the non fat acti-fry with spinach … Steak n chips while dieting… Really??? REALLY! Supplement with AD matador, ravenous & invincible

Final meal is light meat like tilapia or egg whites with 2 tbs Udos oil and Serve of Udo beyond greens.

Before bed I take NXT Nutrition glutamine , AD Bulldoze

I often wake in the night and take NXT Nutrition BCAA & glutamine

Neale Cranwell 2


So there it is supplements to support my 7 meals a day or support my training.. Never supplement over high quality food..

Remember you are what you eat!

I will be following this up with examples of my diet and carb/ fat day rotations….

Along with recipes to prove dieting bodybuilders don’t need to only eat boiled chicken and white rice … There IS A TASTIER WAY TO SHREDSVILLE!

My amazing other half, Georgia Simmons rustles up great gourmet meals which will be included … We are both huge believers in “you are what you eat!” And along with top quality supplements we only eat grass fed, organic meats and eggs and get from You MUST TRY muscle-meat grass fed peppered rump steak, turkey bacon and their amazing marinated black magic chicken breast (Use code KRUNCH at checkout to save 5%, plus check there monthly offers when spending over £30, like free Hache steaks or organic chicken sausages!)


I will include the treats that can be used while dieting to remain sane whilst following a prep.. stock great walden farm sauces and ciacarb breads and cake bars that are carb , calorie free and can help fend of the cravings & not dent the diet!


Check out these & all mentioned great products at and use code NCRA10 to save 10%!!!!

Until next time! #trainhardwineasy

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