Training & Dieting Videos

Training & Dieting Videos

Neale Cranwell : Training Arms

Mr Universe Neale Cranwell was filmed at Krunch Gym with one of his clients Colin Deakin.

This video gives everyone an insight into the key exercises Neale prefers to train in order to build muscle & strength in his arms…..


Neale Cranwell : Training Back

Bodybuilding Champion Neale Cranwell shows us some of his favourite high voltage back exercises. This workout will offer variation and intensity techniques to really get some serious growth in your back muscles while also designed to build a strong, wide v-shaped back.

Neale Cranwell : Training Chest

These set of exercises by Bodybuilding Champion & Krunch Gym owner Neale Cranwell are designed to blast your chest with a variety of advanced intensity techniques for maximum results!


Neale Cranwell : Training Legs

The exercises are designed for those who want to build serious muscle and strength to their legs.
This workout is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared to train your legs hard!


Neale Cranwell : Training Shoulders

Pack on some serious size using these shoulder exercises as trained by bodybuilding champion & Krunch Gym owner Neale Cranwell.


The Benefits of LA Muscle Supplements

Mr Universe & Active Channel Presenter Neale Cranwell explains why it is essential to include LA Muscle supplements as part of your training, nutrition & fitness goals.


Making a nutritious “Food” shake

Mr Universe & Krunch Gym Owner Neale Cranwell shows you how to make an easy nutritious “food” shake, as part of your daily plan.


Neale Cranwell & Georgia B Simmons : Training Legs Parts 1, 2 & 3

Bodybuilding champion & Krunch Gym owner Neale Cranwell trains legs with current UKBFF Bikini Athlete – Georgia B Simmons. Neale demonstrates some of his favourite training exercises to build strong & muscular legs for both men & women.

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