NEALE CRANWELL – ‘BodyBuilder’

As the owner of KrunchGym in Waltham Abbey, Essex I am always passionate about acheivements in life, especially regarding health & fitness.

In 2010 I returned from Italy after competing and winning the WPF HEAVYWEIGHT MR UNIVERSE TITLE against the best athletes from 11 other countries, including entrees from as far as South Africa & USA!

I have been competing for many years & over 2010 season I won the UKBFF MIDLANDS HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE in October and then won the BRITISH NAC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP in November and finally reaching the pinnacle of the contests and finally winning the WPF MR UNIVERSE.

I went on from there and won the NAC World Championship in Spain in 2011
This has been a great personal acheivement in that only 8 months prior to the Mr Universe I was diagnosed with a fractured spine and 2 slipped discs! Not good news when training and preparing for so many competitions!

However, again such a servere setback only made me more determined to succeed. Very similar to the life changing set back I experienced 6years ago when I was paralysed from a motorbike accident. Check out my fantastic new DVD Carpe Diem to see a real life documentary on my approach to life, bodybuilding & recovering from such adversity.

Using a positive mental approach is key to success in most of lifestyle situations and having the positive outlook along with intense Physio allowed a fast recovery and allowed me to continue with my planned competitions.

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Since winning the title I have been invited to compete on the British Team this summer at the Mr Universe championships & European championships in Italy in July. And those that know me will know once I return I will set my plans in competitive motion again. Usually competing 4-5 x a year! That many competitions a year wouldn’t be possible without correct nutrition and the best supplementation to allow growth & recovery. That’s why I choose LA Muscle!

All of this success has been fantastic and a great inspiration to many at krunchgym. My gym has really grown in strength over the past  few years with great friends, members and a nice mix of ages both male & female and hope it long continues.

Presently at Krunchgym we are offering a fantastic promotion! Any one that joins now in the gym has no joining fee to pay , saving £100!!

For More info goto – just pop in or call Krunch on 01992764433

Neale Cranwell
Director Krunch Gym
WPF Mr Universe

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