Neale’s Interview with MuscleTricks

Neale’s Interview with MuscleTricks

Interview with MuscleTricks

“Hi Neale thanks for taking the time out to talk to the MuscleTricks (MT) Team and big congratulations on your recent NAC British Heavyweight Championship win and even greater news on winning the WPF MR UNIVERSE Heavyweight title in Italy! And World Championships in Spain.

MT So how long have you have been Competing in BodyBuilding?

NC I have been competing around 8to 10 years now!

MT How has your training evolved over the years?

NC Well when I was younger I was involved in Football, so I started using weights simply as a way to add strength to my game. I enjoyed weights so much they ended up taking over the Football field!

Now I train six days a week with split routines on weights and do my Cardio every morning without fail! Cardio 3x a day when preparing for competition!

MT How have you stayed motivated for so many years?

NC Train in an environment with like minded others and those that are better than you – now I own a gym, it’s perfectly set up for me to train.

MT What advice would you give to anyone starting BodyBuilding?

NC There is no magic bullet, quick fix or secrets in becoming a good bodybuilder. Its commitment 24 hours a day, but u must have balance in your life in order to improve and experience the best of what life offers.

MT What’s a typical training day in the life of Neale Cranwell?

NC Wake up, 630am, do Cardio for around 45-60min, then train weights in the mid-morning for 60-90min. If I am competing I will do another Cardio session after the weights & before bed!

As I train each muscle group specifically I make sure the muscle gets a full on workout to exhaustion!

MT Your Inspiration?

NC I am a firm believer in the mind being the most powerfull muscle. I suffered a serious motorbike accident some 5 years ago that paralysed me from the kneck down for 48 hours. That’s alot of time to contomplate life! From that the surgeons told me I would never write again or use my arms for lifting weights due to how shattered they were. Several plates & pins later and a rigerous Physio routine recovered my movement and my positive mental attitude made my comeback to compete and win the Mr Titan in 2006 my most rewarding competition to date!

Further to this, just 8months ago I broke my back, slipped 2 discs and had siatic nerve damage 24hours a day after some off season strong man training that I pushed too far.

Again, the set back made any lifting impossible, but again with a positive mental attitude and dedicated approach to Physio and rehab- I have succesfully reduced the inflammation, reheal my fracture and have been able to push on, train and compete 5 times this year!

“if you truelly believe You will succeed!”

MT Any role models?

NC Bodybuilder & friend, Eddie Abbew, for all his help and advice with my contest prep. He is one pro that still after all these years of bodybuilding actually truly loves the sport and enjoys his training and training others.

AND… Dave Kingham for his ‘old school’ , no bull, approach to real results and attention to detail. Dave truelly has been pivotal inspiration to my success and progress in bodybuilding from day 1 to actually winning my Mr Universe title 2009. Dave I truelly thank you!

MT I’ve heard a lot about Krunch Gym, can you tell us more?

NC Yeah! Krunch Gym is new concept for a gym in my opinion as we offer something for everyone! Krunch has a great free weight area along with a vast array of Cybex & Hammer Strength training stations. Not only that but we have a good selection of Cardio equipment (Technogym & Life Fitness) fitness classes, Spinning Studio and a Personal Training Studio. We offer classes from Pilates to Pole Dancing, Vitual gaming with Playstaion workouts available on the recumbant bikes and a vitual spinning room offering tracks from around the world and the legendary Wii Fit! Along with the great equipment and funky feel of Krunch Gym we also have the latest tunes spun by our resident DJ’s nightly to really get your body moving! Check for more info or tel 01992764433.

We also have the ‘cream’ of Personal Trainer’s who know how to apply their knowledge – which unfortunately you rarely see now days. Our Trainers also work in the gym, when not with clients to ensure our trainers have the best advice at hand when necessary.

Krunch also offer the best in supplementation – we stock the finest Protein’s powders, Creatine’s, BCAA’s, Gainers, Vits & Mins, Energy Boosters. Not to mention the on site cafe which serves the best Chicken (free range) and rice you’ll ever taste, along with daily specials and a large menu, I think we are leading the way for the Health & Fitness Lifestyle.

MT Before finishing up, can you give readers a brief outlook on a typical diet and supplement plan you follow?

NC Typically i eat the same foods off season and when following a 12 week diet for competition.

Main difference is that carb and calorie portions can vary more offseason. And 1-2 cheat meals are eaten on weekend offseason.

Competion diet will replace much of the chicken with White fish meals and lots more green veg, especially aspsragas.

Also due to being allergic considerably to egg White and milk these foods are ommitted from the diet totally, this includes protein powder blends.


  • black coffee
  • 1pint water
  • 3g l carnitine
  • 10g glutamine
  • 6g bcaa
  • 1 hour cardio – fast walk

Meal 1

  • 60g whey protein
  • 75g oats
  • multivit

Pre Weights

  • 10g glutamine
  • 3g creatine
  • 5g arginine
  • 6g bcaa
  • train – 1 hour weights
  • pwo
  • 60g NRG TTP
  • 5g leucine

Meal 2

  • 200g chicken
  • 200g sweet potato
  • 1 tsp peanut butter natural – no sugar

Meal 3

  • 200g chicken
  • 6 slice cucumber
  • 1 tsp peanut butter

Meal 4

  • 200g chicken
  • 125g cooked brown rice

Meal 5

  • 200g chicken
  • 200g sweet potato

Meal 6

  • 200g steak or salmon fillet
  • green veg or salad

Meal 7

  • 60g whey
  • 1 tsp peanut butter

Before Bed

  • 10g glutamine
  • 5g leucine
  • 5g arginine
  • zma

3g vit c spread through day with 4litre minimum of water

diet coke when needed to fend off any sweet cravings!

MT Lastly I have to ask what’s your favourite Exercise?

NC Legs, there is no other workout that can leave you so physically drained and yet mentally charged! Squats are my alter!

MT “Thanks again for your time, wish you all the best for the future and welcome aboard team MT”

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